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Outward bound training activities

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2019 Outdoor Outward Bound Training Activities

A single silk does not make a line. Our company will go to qiansong cultural park on June 6, 2019 to carry out a oneday outdoor theme expansion training activity, aiming at refining the team, promoting team communication, enhancing team cooperation, enhancing team cohesion, challenging individual limits, stimulating team potential, and building an excellent team with unity, cooperation and courage.

All students gather

Arrived at the training base at 8:30 a.m., because the training time was too long, the coach directly gave the whole staff 20 pushups to punish, let everyone personally understand the discipline requirements of this activity, and quickly entered the military training state.

All push-ups punish

Afterwards, the opening ceremony of the camp officially opened the prelude of this activity. The students swore three forgetters together, namely, "forget identity, age and gender". In the coach of a "brainwashing", we always believe that "today we are 18 years old, women when men, men when superman... . ".

opening ceremony

The students are divided into six teams, each team chooses the captain and vice captain, and challenges to agree on the team name, slogan, team song and team modeling within 15 minutes, which is the first test of collective wisdom and team spirit.

Six teams of students in turn to display the style of each team, each team's name, slogan, team song is so songy, team modeling is so bold and innovative, for students to think create a praise.

Team style show in the process, a smoke taste of the contest has been diffuse.

The charge team

The advance team

The power team

The Chasing Dreams team

The eagle team

The 991 team

In the morning, the team points competition was held. Each team took turns to challenge the three events of "fast 60 seconds", "real water bomb CS" and "high-altitude climbing". At the end of the competition, the final two winners will receive the punishment of lunch, that is, they will contribute the main dish of hotpot to the winner. Follow the captain has meat to eat, each team student united as one, united to "enemy".

In fast 60 seconds, students brainstorm the Numbers behind the pictures.

Race for 60 seconds

In human water bomb CS, some people die innocently, some fight bravely to tear down the enemy, and some are even called "rubber man".

Live water bomb CS

In "high altitude rock climbing", in the spirit of not arrogant, not hungry spirit, students one by one to challenge their own limits, at this time, the original rest in the side of the carsick female students, race to climb the highest point, is really hidden!

Challenge the 15 m high altitude climbing scene

After a fierce competition, the 991 team and the chase dream team force pressure, strength to win. The advance and the stormtroopers were tied for last place. Not only was there no meat to eat, but they had to line up to welcome the winner to dinner.

A parade to welcome the winners

Volunteer hot pot scene

The brief lunch break time shakes, coaches with a fashionable twist to warm up the students, the scene atmosphere is warm, students a wash tired state, spirit, ready to go. In the afternoon, I began to challenge team events, namely challenge 150 and power rope.

Challenge 150 aims to cultivate competitive mentality and ability, challenge the spirit of cooperation and sharing joys and sorrows, how to achieve the optimal allocation of personnel and the ability to coordinate under multi-tasks. Each team to show team cooperation ability, after three rounds of self-challenge, invincible flying eagle team again and again to break their own records, 92 seconds of performance strength to win, the present coach students spontaneous a burst of admiring applause.

The eagle team 92 second record spot

Challenge 150 field

"Power rope" aims to test the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, let everyone see the strength of the team, the power of persistence, create a great integration of the team.

At the beginning of the program, the coach asked all the students to set the goal, from the first 50 laps to 100 laps to 500 laps. In the coaches and captains of the waving flags and Shouting cheer, the whole audience is boiling, again and again shouted "think chuang come on, come on, think chuang".

Shake rope in the process, saw the students a smiling face, saw the students a body sweat clothes, see the strength of unity is how strong, also saw the idea of creating tomorrow's future more beautiful.

Challenge success circle scene

At the end of the day, the students sat together and Shared their thoughts and experiences.

Through this outdoor activity, we were relieved both physically and mentally. The same piece of iron, can be sawn melt loss, can also be refined into steel; The same team, can do nothing, can also achieve great things. With the goal of "cooperation, communication and collaboration", everyone tried his best to complete the tasks of the team, understood the value of undertaking, and got the experience of responsibility.

I am moved by my teammates and myself. I am proud of my team and myself. When encountering difficulties, dare to challenge, dare to face, believe in the strength of the team, roll up your sleeves and work together, there is no gap that cannot be crossed, no difficulty that cannot be overcome! Let us shout again "si chuang come on, come on si chuang".

Take photos of the closing ceremony

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