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Sinopec,strong is coming!

release date:2018-05-21 10:16:05 browse:1691times

 At 08:28 on May 16, "winning the bid!" In the annual bidding meeting of sinopec, our company emerged from nine bidders and successfully entered the project of protective masks and gas masks and accessories, becoming one of the three domestic brands of sinopec respiratory protection, leading role in the follow-up development of the petrochemical industry.

 At the end of April, our company immediately set up a special bidding team after learning about the bidding project. And led by the sales department, administration department, qc department, production department, purchasing department, finance department and the unity cooperation, full cooperation, all day and night to work overtime, in all kinds of difficulties, such as the imperfection of the file, the file is too big, upload software failure, so that at the end of the tender is too thick to a binder, but these problems will be solved in front of the strong man, and in the company's general manager, deputy general manager Chen Chen a tender custom-made work under the leadership decision-making. They went to the wuhan bidding site with heavy bidding documents and the expectations of the people who thought about creating.


         On the morning of May 15, when the sky was just beginning to show a little white, they were all present at the bidding site and had submitted their prepared documents to the tender office. The scene atmosphere is extremely nervous, the scene more than 100 bidders, each bidding company with the same dream, looking at everyone's expression is the same, looking forward to the eyes revealed their anxious heart.

wuhan bidding center of sinopec

The tender of si chuang is the thickest

All seats are occupied.

scene at 0:10 a.m.

 At this time, the leftbehind si chuang people are more nervous and excited than those at the bidding site. They always pay attention to the dynamics of the company group and pray silently for si chuang.

  At 0:28 on the morning of May 16, experienced 18 hours of waiting, came the good news of the shortlisted, originally quiet company group immediately cheered up, cheer for think and create, for think and create people in the same boat, roll up the sleeves and work hard spirit thumb up.

   As a member of the tender team, I witnessed the historic moment of si chuang. When I learned that si chuang was shortlisted, I was very excited and shed tears of harvest. It is not easy for si chuang technology to achieve today's achievements as a domestic brand. I believe si chuang technology will overcome all difficulties and achieve brilliant achievements in the future. Si chuang will continue to give full play to its spirit and become a strong si chuang brand. Today, we are supported and trusted by dealers all over the country. Without you, there will be no future of si chuang!Braving the wind and waves at this time, straight up to the sea. Let us work together to create a better tomorrow.

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